Tobi Neumann

Tobi Neumann

The term “Legend” gets thrown around quite a bit these days and for the most part, the term is a grossly inaccurate framing of the artists it’s used to describe.

But, for one man, this designation is an accurate statement based on a prodigious career spanning more than two decades at the forefront of electronic music. Tobi Neumann is a name synonymous with a merit of excellence to which many aspire but few achieve. From his cutting edge productions as one of the seminal architects of ‘Electroclash’ with artists like Miss Kittin, Chicks On Speed

to his residency for clubbing giant Cocoon, he is indisputably one of the most highly recognized and respected personalities in electronic music. 

As one of the main innovators and ambassadors between the twin giants of Techno, Berlin and Frankfurt, Neumann has always had his finger on the pulse ofinnovation. Starting with his legendary ‘Floakati House Club’ night at the acclaimed Ultrashall club in his hometown Munich, Tobi began his career behind the controls where he became a Friday night fixture for over four years before a chance encounter with the one and only Sven Väth in Ibiza resulted in an offer to

join him in Thailand to celebrate the turn of the millennium. That trip proved to be the most important gig Neumann ever played and resulted in an amplification of his career almost immediately. Soon after his return to Europe the invites began pouring in. From his Cocoon debut in Ibiza, his residency at Robert Johnson, regular appaerances U60311, and Anja Schneider's annual 72-hour Love Parade broadcast in Berlin his schedule began to overflow. Increasingly aware of his isolation in Munich, Tobi moved to Berlin in 2001, and he joined the Cocoon agency the following year, launching into an ever growing schedule of DJ bookings spanning the globe.

Not one to rely on his past accolades or his relation to heavy hitting names like Sven Väth and Ricardo Villalobos, Tobi Neumann remains at the forefront of his trade with a tireless dedication to transcending previous expectations both as a producer and DJ as well as being the ghost producer behind some of todays biggest names. From his recent collaborations with Fadi Mohem, Fjaak and Gel Abril and his new imprint What? with Patti Ense, to his high profile remixes for Martin Eyerer, Marc Houle, Junge Junge, Phuture and Sascha Dive, Tobi has never been more focused as an artist. More recently, his talents have lead him to be pursued for prominent remix duties for sFrancesca Lombardo and many more as well as new originals on Cocoon, Muna Musik and his own label What? Under his own name. Never content with the his current status, his latest endeavors see him under the Neumann alias releasing on Pan-Pot’s Second State and the forthcoming Coaster EP on Egg London’s What Came First imprint.

With twenty years at the apex of his artistic expression and influence, Tobi Neumann sees no end in sight or has he ever even thought about slowing down.

He is a true veteran both in the studio and booth and continues to be invigorated by nightlife, relishing the give & take with the dance floor, playing techno at house tempo, and house at techno tempo, throwing in unexpected selections, and mixing with his unique signature flair. Tobi is a master of the craft, working with and for the crowd, and driving them, willingly, to wild abandon.