Rhythms Of Prescott

Rhythms Of Prescott

Producer and DJ hailing from Ireland, with 10 years behind the art form - to playing prestigious parties in Australia, organising underground parties in Berlin and events in the jungle across the Dominican Republic. RoP has lived and breathed the art form of DJing, a purist of all shades and appetites for the dance floor, records for the occasion and the people.

Being very open-minded, and eager at the age of 13 attending music festivals and later traveling up to Dublin regularly for parties, finding his way along the path into rave culture where he would be influenced heavily on music and Djing. Patterns of obsession musical with techno and trance came, hip-hop, dub and house grooves took course and the rabbit hole of musical interest spawned to what it is today, a love for house, techno, disco, minimal and everything in between - in all its diversity, classic and fresh.

Rhythms Of Prescott is his new venture, and in 2019 he has released debut collaborations with heavy hitters Guti & David Gtronic on their label Personality Disorder, also with a release on Per Hammer´s label Dirty Hands. Niall also has another project with a friend under the name of ´Perma & Du´ - with an EP on the acclaimed label Vatos Locos.
RoP has one concept album project that was composed in 2020 and features a full length album movie recorded in the Dominican Republic, planned release in 2022 with another 2 EPs with acclaimed London based label in the pipeline,

Expect top shelf home-made Irish rhythms, all-natural, authentic and raw. Trackz for all occasions, appetite of the dancefloor and afar - don´t forget to eat your greens.