Joye Mitarakis

Joye Mitarakis

Joye Mitarakis is a Chilean DJ who defines music as infinite and chooses it as a path to move his life. At the age of 13 he took his first steps into music playing drums, the instrument that led him to start at the age of 15 in the Ska-Punk band "4 Vueltas".

In 2003 he got into electronic music. But it was in 2005, after his first visit to Germany, that Joye acquires its first vinyls which shapes his musical influence and starts mixing at parties of friends and refine his technique.

From moments with friends and the main clubs of the Chilean underground electronic scene, there was only a step, and in 2009 he was already getting his first residence in Berlin at the club High end 54 in the famous house of artists "Tacheles".

In 2010, in addition to his residency at High End, he is invited to play a party of the Bicentennial of Chile in Germany at Arena Berlin, with the collective Club Quinto Sol, sharing with artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Pier Bucci, Argenis Brito, Dinky, Jorge González and Chica Paula. That same year, he continues his growth, expanding its circuit through Europe playing in clubs like:

Club der Visionaere in Berlin, Germany - Ushuaia in Ibiza, Spain - Macarena in Barcelona, Spain - Jager in Oslo, Norway - TS Bar in Coppenhagen, Denmark.

He returned to Berlin, where he got presentations at the Club der Visionaere. At the same time he began his stage as producer, editing music for Highgrade Records, together with his mentor Argenis Brito.

He started a project with the outstanding pianist Diego Errázuriz, editing for the labels Drumma (Felipe Venegas) and Astelaguel. This project its characterized by a minimalist and hypnotic style.

This year, he starts a new project, his label called PIROS, born in vinyl format in September 2017 with an EP by Ema Remedi including a space and energetic remix of Ernesto Ferreyra, the second edition of Piros label is an amazing tribute to Jorge González “Los Updates”, it participate names like Argenis Brito and Deadbeat. Now come a new period bringing many surprises...