Alexander Skancke

Alexander Skancke

Alexander Skancke is a Berlin-based DJ born out of the subterranean depths of a new underground and is known for his potent productions and vivid sets. The young Norwegian thrives off the energy of the people on the dancefloor and has made a sizeable impact on the European electronic music scene all the way from his early releases on Neostrictly, to the acclaimed releases on his own label Quirk. 

Entrenched in love for vinyl and analog productions, Skancke is imbued with a passion for the very roots of house music and has found his path by carefully selecting records that have a uniqueness and originality to them. It should not be understated that his passion for music takes him far beyond the boundaries of electronic music and that this is a key point in his understanding of the musical language as a whole. 

Skancke’s passion for all things analog is reflected in all aspects of his life: from his work at Bikini Waxx, a record shop in Berlin specializing in second-hand vinyl, to his fascination with vintage studio gear. Because of this, you can clearly hear his passion for off the grid production and the rawness of the analog soul in his music. 

As a travelling nomad, Alexander Skancke have managed to take advantage of his lifestyle. His years in Oslo, Budapest and now Berlin gives him as an artist the tools and inspiration to bring together far-flung influences and create something genuinely new and exciting.